Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kristina & Ross

Here is another wedding from this past year. This wedding was at a private residence in Sebastopol. Kristina was so fun to work with and allowed us to design away!

Photography by: Alisha & Brook Photography

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Little Bit of My Work

So I don't typically update my blog with my weddings but thought I would share some photos of some of the weddings I did this past year!

This wedding I am going to show you now is a wedding that was at a Private Estate in Kenwood, California! I loved working with the bride and groom! They were so sweet and so wonderful to work with! I think the event came together so well and we pulled this entire wedding off with just phone conversations! They hired me over the phone and literally coordinated all the details over many phone conversations! ENJOY!

Photography by Scott Andrew Photography

It's Been Awhile

I know it has been awhile and I promise to update soon! I have been so busy with this that I have not had time do think about updating the blog! So I promise to update the rest of Christmas and some things I have been up to and we have been up to lately! Also..I am so excited we are going here in less than a month!!! YEAH!!!!!

I hope you all are doing well and BTW...does anyone read my blog????

Friday, December 24, 2010

T'was the Night Before Christmas......

And all through the house...not a creature was stirring not even a mouse....well maybe a cat! :)
As I lay here and watch the Christmas movies on TV tonight and my baby girl is asleep in her crib on her first Christmas Eve...I can't help but think what her Christmas would be like if my dad was here with us! This is really hard! Everyone said it would be hard and it is...I miss my dad so much! I feel bad as I have been a little irritable today and I really didn't want to be but as sad as it is and as hard as it is I am a little angry! I still don't understand why my dad had to leave us? I know God has a plan for each and everyone of us and I know God has a plan for my dad but I really miss him and I know it is ok to feel this way. I just remember last year at this time it was my Dad, Nick and I and we had a very simple Christmas and is was nice. If my dad was here tonight I would tell him I loved him and I would tell him what a wonderful father he is and was. Dad I love you! Merry Christmas! We wish you were her! XO XO

Kate & Ella

Kate & Ella Playing while the Mommies & Daddies have some eggnog!
It is hard to get a picture of two little girls! :) We tried! :)
Hi Everyone! Our Mommies are making us pose! Hmmmm let's open these presents! I love Ella!!!


Baking Cookies with Nana & Kate

Yesterday was Baking Day at the McLeskey-Dolata Household! Nana, Kate and I made some Christmas Cookies! We had quite the time!
Getting Started!
Rolling the cookie dough...
Nana...this sure is fun! Can't wait till I am older and can do this! I am sure I will make lots of messes! Wait....mommy says I already do!
These are our cookies! Notice the pre-made cookie dough in the background! We were going to hand make it however Nick went to the store and bought the pre-made and so we had to use it. Next year the cookies will be handmade!
DELISH~! I love being the taster!!! I love sugar cookies!!!
HO HO HO Merry Christmas!