Monday, November 2, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Ok...So this seems to be a common thread with my blog post over the last few months! I just haven't found the time or had the time to blog! I feel bad but hopefully that will change!

Today is the first day of life with out CORPORATE AMERICA! Yep...I am all done with the Fairmont and I am doing A Savvy Event now full time! So far so good! Just booked a wedding today! :) So things are going so far so good!

I am now 27 weeks pregnant! WOW...where has the time gone?
The baby and I are doing really well! I feel great and so far nothing really to complain about except being tired, getting up 3-5 times in the night to use the restroom and my back starts to hurt if I am on my feet too long! All of which can be expected when you are pregnant so I have to thank GOD that I have had such an easy pregnancy and my biggest complaints..really aren't much to complain about!

We just found out we are moving! We are moving into a bigger house that the baby will now have it's own room! :) Yeah..this means I can actually start working on a nursery once we get settled! The house is really cute! I will post photos soon! It is in Sonoma and not to far from where we live now! We are so excited to be staying in Sonoma as we really love it here! We love the community and we love that it is small but still has so much to offer! I am even more excited to walk to the Farmer's Markets next summer with baby in tow on Tuesday nights!!! :)

We still aren't finding out what we are having and I really don't have a feeling one way or another! I wish I could say I feel like it is a "boy" or "girl" but really I am just in AWE that there is a baby growing inside of me and that in 3 months Nick and I are going to be parents! I can't imagine how are lives are going to change and what it is going to be like to have a son or daughter? I am getting really excited!!!

I feel the baby all the time! Cutie loves to be active during the middle of the night especially around 4am and cutie keeps me up with his/her activity! :) I just wonder what he or she is doing in there! I love it when I feel cutie through out the day too! It makes me stop and think wow wee...what was that?

The last couple of weeks have been really fun because I have spent the last two weekends with my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!! Emily, Travis & Hannah moved to California 4 months ago and I have been so busy I have barely seen them but in the last 2 weeks I have had dinner with them at there new home in Dublin, California and it has been so fun! Last night we celebrated Travis's 40th Birthday with a fabulous dinner!~ Hannah is getting so big and she is so much fun to be around! I feel so greatful that I live so close to Em and her family and it truly has been our dream since she went away to college! I know she would love it and so would I if we were next door neighbors but I will take the hour and 15minute drive over being in different states! I know we are going to get to spend so much more time together over the years and I am so happy we live so close and hopefully our children will have a friendship just like ours!!!

Here are some photos of our Birthday Celebration in Dublin! :)
I took the photos so I am not in them! :( Enjoy~~
Travis's Birthday Cupcake that I made! Turned out pretty good for a non-baker!
Nick helping Emily make Steak Diane!!
Emily reading the recipe to Nick!! Very busy at work!
Emily making the most delicious Spinach-Strawberry Salad Ever!!!
Hail to the Chefs!!!
Emily & Hannah getting ready to sing to Travis!!
Come on Daddy...blow out your candles!!!
The Pillars!! Happy Birthday Travis!!!!! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us! XO