Friday, August 28, 2009


Well it is me again!
Things are moving along nicely! We go to the doctor next week for our next ultra sound so I have no news really to update on the baby other than my stomach keeps growing and today when I got on the scale I have lost 2lbs. So to date 17 1/2 weeks I have only gained 3lbs! Heck if I knew I would start losing weight I might have started this years ago! Just kidding! :) :)
I hope it is ok that I have only gained 3lbs! I am sure it is but it just doesn't seem like too much but I am not complaining!!!

This past week too Nick and I went to Sacramento and met my dad & mom at Goores! My bedding came in so that was exciting! I showed Nick all around the baby store and showed him some of the treasures I picked out! He couldn't believe all the fun stuff! I think his favorite was the Silicon Bottles! I had never seen those before! They are actually really cool! So that was fun! After Goores we then all headed over to the Elephant Bar and met my second cousin for lunch! It was a great lunch and so nice to see Dianna! She just found out she has to have a very simliar heart surgery that my father had this past March! She goes to the doctor on September 2nd and we find out when she will be admitted to Mercy in Sacramento! The good news is Mercy is such an amazing hospital and they did such a great job with my dad so I know she will be in good hands!

Well other than a fun trip to Sac...that is about all that is going on with us!
Oh..and I almost forgot! Emily and Travis are coming up tomorrow for a wine dinner and they are going to stay the night with us and we will spend the day together on Sunday! I am so excited to see them and so happy they live so close now!!!!! It is a dream!!!

Ok...have a great weekend everybody!!!

Kell, Nick and Cutie

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hello! Any body there?

Sorry it has taken so long for me to post again! I just never have the time! A lot has been going on! Nick and I have both been busy with work because it is our busy season but I did find time to get away last week to spend a few days in Yuba City with my Mom and Dad! It was so nice to go home for a visit! I hadn't been home since before I found out I was pregnant so it was a much needed trip home! Mom and I went baby shopping one day at Goore's and found some great little treasures for the baby! We even picked out the bedding and furniture! There are just so many gadgets I just don't know how all you mom's do it! What I have come to realize is that there is a gadget for everything! It is almost absurd! I think the kicker was the sleep sack that helps prevent SIDS. That almost put me over the edge when I saw that! Truly I don't know how my sister and I ever survived and made it to adulthood without all these gadgets that help prevent all these horrible things! I will tell you something I won't be a sucker for it! :) I can still be a good mom and not have to "BUY" into these claims. You know my mom told me that when she came home from the hospital with me she carried me home in the car, yes that is right you heard me correctly she carried me home on her lap in the car...and I am ALIVE to talk about it! Can you believe it? If that happened now days they would have thrown the book at her and she most likely would have been classified as a horrible mother! Whatever! My mother was the best and she never did anything to endanger our lives it is just that there is a rule or reason for everything and I am sure these rules are good and they are there to keep all of us safe but sometimes it just gets so ridiculous and we have become this over paranoid society! I know I am being pretty vocal and expressing my opinions but it is my blog and it was pretty funny going baby shopping....Oh yes..and the baby wipe warmer! That was another one that had me cracking up! Heaven forbid the baby has a room temperature wipe better keep the bum nice and warm! :) Ok...enough babbling...I did have fun and registered for some fun things!

Nick and I both are getting so excited for Cutie's arrival! I have also been known to call Cutie Baby Dolata lately! :) I love the fact that we are NOT going to find out what we are having! Oh..I don't think I have announced that yet on our blog! Yep that is right Nick and I are not going to find out! After finally convincing Nick that we had to find out because I needed to plan, I woke up one morning and woke Nick up and said "Sweets...I don't want to know what we are having" He said "Seriously?" I said "yes, you are right there aren't really any true surprises in life and you know how I love surprises and well I can still plan for the baby without knowing" So since we made that decision it is more and more exciting to me! I even told my mom who I thought would be upset that we weren't finding out and she was actually really excited to and really like the thought of that! :) So all is good! Baby is doing great! We go in a week for our next check up! I am 4months and 1 week and I am starting to show! I know I should post some photos however I still feel like I just look fat not pregnant. So maybe at 5 months I will take a photo and post it! :)
So other than a quick trip home to see friends and family that is about all that is going on with us! We still have not heard on the house we made an offer on! It has almost been 6 weeks and I am quite confused as to why they call them a "SHORT SALE" and not a "LONG SALE" but Nick and I are patient! We have looked at a lot of other homes but still love the first one we saw! We are still holding out too that maybe a cute house in our price range will come on the market in Sonoma but so far no such luck! :(

Well here is a Baby Find that actually my mom found and I really like this for a baby bag! I even think it isn't too feminine that Nick could use it too! :) I have some more finds but I will post them later! Also...if you don't know my sister re-launced It is better than ever and I find myself reading it every day now that I am going to be a mom! I just hope I win one of her giveaways here soon!!! :) and maybe one day Cutie will be the Lil Peanut of the Week!!! So please if you haven't checked out her blog then head on over! She does such a great job with it!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


So a little about this "baby find" ...When I was living in NYC and would walk to all my destinations I noticed these strollers everywhere! I just loved walking through Central Park and seeing all the moms' with their bugaboos! I always said I want to have one when I have a baby! I thought they were so cute, very practical and well I just loved the name! BUGABOO! I know it is all about marketing but how cute is that name? I also remember having lunch one day with my mom on Burlingame Avenue on a visit to California for my cousins wedding and a red Bugaboo rolled by! I told my mom..."when I have a baby I have to have this stroller!" Well in almost 5 years my thoughts still have not changed! The only thing is what color do I want? I love them all! I really like the lime green but think I would get sick of it but who knows! I know it is a splurge but the baby has to have a cute, safe stroller! So my baby find this week is a Bugaboo!!!

If you have one let me know your thoughts on the stroller! I just love it! :)

Still Sick

Well this is day 3 of being sick and it is so not fun! I just don't do "being sick" well. I am sure most people do not but I just don't like it! I have been in my bed and doing absolutely NOTHING except trying to get rest and sleep so I can feel better! I am so bored but have no energy or desire to do anything! I just want to feel better! :( Supposedly I have Viral Bronchitis and I really have to take it easy due to being pregnant and all but I would do anything to feel better!
I have been doing a good job of drinking a lot of fluids! (7) 32oz bottles of Gatorade in 2 1/2 days! I am living on wheat toast and that is about all! Today I tried some grapes and they actually tasted good! Maybe that is a good sign that I am feeling better? I have lost 8 1/2 lbs! I weigh less than when I first got pregnant! I hope that is ok? I am sure it is mostly water weight! Baby should be A-Ok as long as I don't get a fever and take care of myself! As I have been lying here bored out of my mind I have thought about friends that have been on bed rest and thought to myself..."I don't know how they do it" I have just been in bed for a few days and am going crazy! I sure hope that bed rest is not in my future! I don't know how I would handle it?
Well I am praying tomorrow I will hopefully start to be back to my old self!!
Sorry for the venting post on my illness but as you can see I have a lot of time on my hands and running out of books to read and websites to visit. Oh..I am going to be updating my Baby Finds on the right hand side today so check them out if you want! :)