Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Not sure if anyone is still out there or if anyone still reads my blog ? I have been such a bad blogger but I haven't had too much to write about.

Here is a little re-cap of what has been going on over the last couple weeks or so....

About 2 weeks ago my dad had open heart surgery. Yes...this all came as a huge shock to all of us as he went in for ankle surgery and then a few days later was in the emergency with chest pains and shortness of breath...after many test and every day something new was developing we found out that dad's lower Mitro Valve in his heart was torn and needed to be repaired. So he was transferred to Mercy Hospital in Sacramento where he would wait to have his surgery! Karyn and Addison flew out too, to be with all of us so it was so great to have her and Addison here and Papa (dad) loved seeing them too! We missed the rest of her family but Anson stayed with the girls so Ashley could stay in school! Dad's heart surgery went amazingly well! They had to do a little more than they thought but he had an amazing Doctor and made it through with flying colors!

Dad is now staying with Nick and I. He is resting, excercising and going on Sonoma town tours in his wheelchair with Nick every morning. Yes, you heard it correctly ....Nick walks with Dad in the mornings and then I found out he puts him in the wheelchair and they go for about a 3 mile ride around Sonoma! Dad is just loving it! We are loving him being here too! I still can't believe that tomorrow will be 2 weeks since his surgery and he is doing so great.

We also bought a new car about a week ago! We bought a Nissan Murano and I am just loving it!!! It is so fun to drive and isn't too big. It is just the perfect size! I love it! I highly recommend one if you are in the market for a "crossover" as that is what they are called now! :) :)

Other than that...nothing else is really new. Nick and I are doing really good! Nick's job is going fabulous and he loves being in the city...(not the commute so much) but loves the energy of San Francisco and the restaurant! Jason Preistly had dinner there a few weeks ago! I was a die hard 90210 fan so anytime I hear of a cast member from 90210 I get so excited!!!

My job is going good! Wedding season is right around the corner! It is hard to believe we have been in Sonoma for 3 years!!! Where does the time go? We have truly grown to love the wine country and all that it has to offer! We are especially loving this amazing spring weather, the green hills and the mustard through out all the vineyards! It is such a beautiful place!!!

Well...that is all! Hopefully one of these days we will do something with pictures and i will have something to post with pictures! :) :)

I hope you all are doing great and if you are still out there leave me a comment so I know someone still reads my blog!
What have you been up to?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday Weekend In Vegas!!!

Great Times with Great Friends~
We went to Vegas this past week for my birthday!
We had such a great time!
Here are a few photos from our few days in Vegas!

Kelly & Nick at Strip Burger! Best Blue Cheese Burger Ever!
Kelly, Viktoria, Ashley & Lauren...."The Girls"
Just posing while enjoying drinks and pou pous on the VIP floor of the Palazzo
Back Row- Clay & Eric
Front Row- Jason & Nick
How cute are our men? They had so much fun and love to gamble
about as much as the girls!
Nick in the living room of our suite! I love the Palazzo!
Eric, Clay, Viktoria and Ashley just hanging out on the VIP level of our hotel!
Kelly & Nick inside the Wynn...Such a beautiful hotel! 
Ashley, Kelly & Viktoria up against this pretty wall at Encore!
Nick at the Wynn!
We had to check out all the restaurants for Nick! He was like a kid in a candy store with all his favorite Chefs!!! He was checking out all the furniture, carpet, decor and menus! Can you see my husband dreaming of the day he gets to open his own restaurant!! I just love his passion for the industry and how bad he wants it!! He loves the industry! You have to love that passion!!
Nick and Eric!

So we had such a great time! Everyone that we went with were friends of mine from all over the United States! Vik and Eric came from NYC...we met while I was living in NYC and we worked together at The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park!
Clay & Ashley came from Salt Lake City, UT. Ashley and I met when I opened the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch! She was one of our trainers and we just hit it off and since the time we met in 2002 I think we have been on 10+ vacations together! 
Lauren and Jason came from Sac Town! Lauren and I met my Senior year of College and have been friends ever since! She actually drove with me to Colorado when I moved there! 
All of these friends met at our wedding in September and they all hit it off at the wedding and now we travel together! It is amazing how people come together and people bring others together! I am so fortunate for all my friends in my life and so happy to share my birthday week with all of you! I can't wait for New Orleans!! That is where we are headed next. XOXOXOXOXO!!!
Loves, Kell~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guess Who's On Style Me Pretty Blog?

I just got an email today from one of my photographer friends to let me know the above photo is on Style Me Pretty!!! I was really honored to be featured in her wedding dress section!!!!!

Guess Who's On Style Me Pretty Blog?