Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring, our Driveway is Flooding!

Nick trying to get the water out of the way so our backyard doesn't flood!
Hi Sweets...Keep Dry! HA
BTW...if anyone can tell me how to get rid of these dots on my photos that would be fabulous!
I have this new camera and every time I take a photo there are these dots on the photos! It probably has something to do with the setting??? Who knows?
So it is raining here like cats and dogs and lions, tigers and bears oh my!
It just won't stop raining!
I think we are going to have to buy a house boat or a flotation devise...We might just float away!
Happy Rain!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Engagement Photos....

Well now that the holidays are over I can finally post our Engagement photos.
Nick and I went to Chateau St. Jean in the Fall and Took a Bunch of Photos with our photographer for the wedding. Here are a few!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hi Everyone...
No Pictures to post but I do have a link of my mom on the evening news!!!
Channel 13 News out of Sacramento showed up at her Get on the Bus Tour this Saturday and did a small segment on it. Click below to check it out~!



Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just Loving It...............

Well Well Well...
I have to say I am oh so IMPRESSED with Pottery Barn Spring Catalog
I have to say this is the MOST excited I have been in a long time with Pottery Barn.
Finally they are doing bright and bold! Not BLAH and BORING
The last few years have been so BLAH with Pottery Barn and today I got my new catalog and I am just loving everything in Pottery Barn!
So with that said I am feeling oh so Martha Stewart/Domino Magazine and thought I would highlight some of my favorites!

Love the Black Furniture with the patterned rug and soft yellow walls!!! Great Look for a Breakfast Room! Oh So Bright & Cheery....Reminds me of a cottage somewhere on the east coast...
Can I just say I LOVE THESE CHAIRS... I Don't know if I would be that courageous to do all different chairs however, I love this idea of combining color at the table! It Brings some life to blah & boring brown table...however...if you want to be a little less daring try some fun cushions in different patterns. This is a great way to bring some life to the table and kick it up a notch without pushing the envelope to far and crazy!
I love this living room! I want a white sofa so BAD!!! I love white/off white because there is so much you can do with it. If you get bored with it accent with a different color for every season!! Paint the wall...the sky is the limit! My mother tells me I cannot have a white sofa...hmmm we will have to wait and see! Some day!!!
Pattern*Pattern*Patterns....Patterns and Prints are in! Accent*Accent*Accent your room with a fun and funky chair....Designer Nate says you should have one chair in every room that doesn't is your "conversation piece" I agree...Test the limits of design...reach out there and do something different...Show your personality!!! I DARE YOU!
Loving this White Sofa with Storage! How great is this for the "smaller" space. This would be a great piece for the Beach House....How fun...Love the Sisal Rug too! Again...Love the Bright Color walls! I am not a fan of the Aztec Pillows I would go with a Paisley or Toile! Toile is my favorite in any color!
Ok...So My "Dream Office" Love this! I love the Green Wall...It is such a great color with White!
Loving Light Pastels in the Bathroom.I am a huge fan of a pale green in the bathroom. I think pastels are great for a bathroom because when I think of bathroom I think crisp clean colors are so soothing in the bathroom! I love having a residential piece of furniture in the bathroom instead of your "typical" bathroom cabinets! I love this piece above. I am just loving the slate tile floors as well. HEAT THEM! Your bare feet will love heated tile floors!!!
COLOR* COLOR*COLOR...How fun are these lamps...Why don't you try hanging a lamp from the ceiling! How cute would that be? Over your bath tub? Maybe even a chandelier? Or why don't you hang lamps above the bar in your kitchen? Who says you have to have the typical halogeon lights dangling down? Two lamps would be fun? Don't you think???
The Bedroom....In My Opinion a bedroom should change with the seasons! I have to say as the weather gets nicer and the sun comes out I search for bedding that is bright and cheery. As the fall and winter months come I look to colors that are warm and comforting. I think every bedroom should have at least 2 different for Spring and Summer and then one for Fall & Winter! Keep your walls simple and your drapes neutral so you don't have to change those!! I love these two bedrooms!
Again...I love all the different patterns! They work so well together!
I have to say that I love a clean, crisp, freshly ironed, 800 thread count, WHITE sheets...
There is something about white sheets! They are so clean looking and will go with any bedding!
Well...I hope you enjoyed my Spring Designs....I want to run out and buy a bunch of stuff and just start decorating....
Thank You Pottery Barn for Such A Great Catalog!
Happy Decorating!

At Last.............

The Drive Up to Vail....How Pretty...

Em and Her Rib-Eye...look at the size of that bone!
Dinner at Splendido! Where our Wedding Reception will be!

The Amazing Seafood Platter!! We really want this for our wedding...Hmmm It was DELISH!

Kelly & The Girls from The Charter At Beaver Creek...Enjoying a beverage at Tramonti!

Phoebe & The Snowman Emarie and her made....This was nearly covered by the time we left!

Kelly & Emarie with the Snowman! Thanks for all your Help EM.....We Love you!

Nick & The Girls...Dinner at Splendido!

Emarie, Tara, Me & Tracy...Thank you Tara & Tracy for letting us stay with you! We had so much fun!!!! We miss you and can't wait to see you!

Kell, Nick and Frosty the Snowman!! hmmmmm Maybe this will be our XMAS card for 2008!
Where's Truffles???

Emarie and Phoebe making snow angels!!!!

We had so much fun!!! We have more pictures but they are on my NEW camera and I haven't downloaded the software yet so as soon as I do I will post those! The snow was incredible!! We can't wait for the wedding!!! 9 months and counting!!!
Happy Winter to All..............
Loves K&N~

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Let It Snow...Let It Snow...SNOWED IN????

Well I don't have any photos to post because I forgot my cord to my computer...however Nick and I are in Vail and it literally has not stopped snowing since we got here on Thursday!
It is the 5 1/2 years that I had lived here I have never seen this much snow! It is so beautiful! We have been having soooo MUCH Fun!
Lots of meetings and planning for the wedding but truly a great trip and a very much needed one! Nick and I love coming "HOME" it is so great to be back and see all our friends! We miss them dearly!!! Well...I can't wait to post the photos!! We are suppose to leave tomorrow night if we can get out and down the mountain to Denver!!! I would be OK if we get snowed in! Oh...there is about 5 feet of snow outside right now....CRAZY!