Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vintage......Does that mean I am Vintage...Hmmmm

Ok...So Ann has turned me on to Vintage WallPaper and I think I have a new obsession! The new boarder on my blog is a vintage wallpaper that I found online and I love it! If I owned my house I would wallpaper my guest bath in this and get a funky antique chandelier for the light and hang it in there!

Anyway...on my journey over the Internet looking at vintage wallpaper I came across the Holly Hobbie Wallpaper I had as a kid in my room. Mind you mine was not in this color scheme it was in shades of peach and yellow because in the late 70's early eighties Peach was the hottest thing since sliced bread! So this wallpaper I despised pretty much from 5th grade on and I even peeled it off my walls or attempted to so I didn't have to look at it any more...I even went as far as plastering pictures of Corey Haim, Ricky Schroeder and Sean Astin all over the walls as well as the ESPRIT Magazine pictures( you have to remember these magazines they were so cool) just so I didn't have to look at it......Vintage it is now and so does that make me Vintage? Could I be like a Vintage Bottle of Wine and just get better with Age? I can see the label now:

Anyway....It got me thinking....Could I truly be labeled as "VINTAGE"?

Hmm....Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great night......


~Vintage Kelly 1976~

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Wedding This Weekend......

This weekend was the wedding of my good friends Alison and Bill! I met them about 9 months ago when they came to The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn to meet with me for a possible wedding. They booked the site and we have worked together for the last 6 months and we have become the greatest friends! Alison and I had so much fun planning her wedding and we spent a lot of great time together! It was so rewarding to see it all come together this weekend. I love my job so much and it is so rewarding when I see two fabulous people that are truly in love get married. I am so lucky that I made two really great friends...this weekend Alison is coming over and going with me to a chairity event that I have been working on! Alison...I wish you and Bill a lifetime of love and happiness! Thank you for making my job so fun and easy! I love you guys!!!

The Flowers for the Ceremony....Alison & I right before the ceremony!

Bill & I right before the Ceremony~

The Wedding Cake!!! YUM YUM!
The Design on the middle Tier mimicked Alison's Beautiful Wedding Dress Beading!!!

The Ceremony Site....Originally this was suppose to be outside but due to February weather we had to move the ceremony inside. I think it turned out quite nicely.

This table was a dedication to Bill and Alison's Parents. I thought this was so sweet.....Alison and I came up with this!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Family Time

This weekend it was great my dad came over yesterday and we had dinner together last night. Dad and I BBQ a great tri-tip and had a fabulous salad and watched the Oscars together!!!!
Then today we went to a funeral in San Mateo (where my father and Aunt grew up) for my fathers best childhood friend's dad, Joe Schweitzer. He was my papas best friend and he was 90 years old. His son Lawrie my dad best childhood friend is my Godfather. It was so nice to see old family friends and all the Schweitzer kids that I haven't seen in almost 20 years. I know it was probably a more difficult time for my dad and I am just happy Nick and I were there to go with him. It is hard when love ones pass away but they are home with God now and looking down on us! It makes you realize we are only here for a short time and we have to make the best of it and live each day as it were our last.... I love it that my dad can come over and spend time with us! It is nice to have family close by! I only wish my sister and her family were closer but I am so EXCITED because I get to see her in almost a month! It has been too long since I have seen her! I miss her so much!!!! I am greatful for my family and that we all have each other!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

YCHS....Girls Trip to SF and Wine Tasting in Sonoma...

This Sunday I went to San Francisco with a few friends from High School! We had a great time in San Fran. We stayed at The Fairmont in SF and even got a tour of the "Secret Presidential Suite" So that was really fun and Cool!
We went out for Sushi and drinks and just had fun!
The next day we did a little wine tasting and then a picnic lunch at the wineries! It is so great to reconnect with old I said in a previous post..."Oldies but Goodies" Old Friends are the Best Friends.....Thanks Kristina, Kim, & Kristin for a fun weekend!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Take Time to Smell The Flowers.........Our Cat...Truffles

How Cute is our Cat!!
We love Truffles....Tonight she was having fun with the flowers! Our cat loves flowers and she loves plants! She is just too cute and I had to share our cute little cat Truffles!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

B's Purses Spring 2007 New Luggage Fabrics

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Hi Everyone....
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!
I hope everyone is having a great Valentines Day!
Nick and I are just staying home tonight and watching all our shows together! We are going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks so we decided to save our money for our trip!
I can't wait to have kids and share Valentines Day with them! :) :)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Dolata.....To Be...The Frogs!

So I am still sick! Imagine that. I am so bummed because I missed my cousin's baby shower today! :(
It seems like when ever I have something fun to do or something I have been looking forward to my body decides to get sick on me! UGGHHH Oh-well....well yesterday while I was home sick the doorbell rang and of course I didn't answer it because I looked awful and I could barely get off the sofa. Anyway...I waited and then I went and opened the door to see if maybe someone was delivering something and sure enough there was a box on the porch. Well inside the box were these really cute prince and princess frogs for Nick and I from my friend for our engagement! I thought they were so cute and they really brightened my day!! :)::) So of Course I put them by my tulips because they make me happy too!!! So today I am just laying on the sofa my new home and watching the Super Bowl...GO COLTS!!!! I hope you all are having a great weekend!!!! Pray that I will feel better soon! This is Day 5!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Some thing Bright for a Cloudy Day....

Ok So Today I am still not feeling well and I am at home watching Day Time Television.....Obviously it is not keeping my I decided to take some pictures of my tulips! I love tulips! They are so beautiful and I love it when they are in season and I can have them in my house! They really make me Happy! So here are some photos of my Red Tulips....:) What type of flowers make you happy???

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Under The Weather........

Well I am a little under the weather today. I just hate getting colds! I don't deal with them so well. So today I actually stayed home from work but ended up going in for a couple of hours and then came home and slept on the sofa! Nick had to work all day! He is now home and we are spending some time together! I am glad he is here! It is nice to have someone around when you don't feel so well!

Oh...Today Nick had his review at work and he got RAVE reviews from his boss! He is getting more and more responsibilities at The Carneros Inn!! I am so proud of him! Well I am going to go....Nick and I are watching the food network...our FAVORITE channel!! Good Eats is on now...this guy drives me a little crazy but oh-well!!

Have a great night!!!

Kell & Nick~