Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just About Had It!!!!

So as an American there are a few rights we have one of which is freedom of speech and in this blog post I am going to use this right!!!
I have just about had it with our country right now! I was flabbergasted today when I clicked on CNN.COM and saw that once again the good ol' US of A is bailing these banks and companies out once again! I think it is an absolute JOKE! I am so over it and I can't believe as Americans we aren't doing something about this other than saying sure we will start the printing press and just give you another 816 billion dollars like it is no big deal! We have CRIMINALS running these corporations and taking advantage of these bail outs! We haven't fired these CEO's that got us into this mess! We haven't made them be accountable for what they have done and we are encouraging their behavior by once again in less than a year we are giving them another stimulus, bailout etc....!!! I am so livid right now! I am held to a certain standard and expectations day in and day out in my job and here we have companies buying 50 million dollar private jets redesigning there office to the tune of a million dollars and getting a bonus when the company is not profitable? Clearly something is WRONG! For all I care these CEO's can ride the greyhound bus! I don't think they should get anything! NO bonus, NO corporate jet and maybe an office in the basement with no windows would encourage them to do something about their declining companies! Never in my life was I ever taught that you are rewarded when you do something wrong or aren't successful! Oh I can just go on and on and on.....but I truly have had it and I just had to vent about it!

Oh...and they only want the post office to deliver 4 days a week now! Maybe if there was no JUNK mail they would only have to deliver "REAL MAIL" one day a week! Who knows...I am over it!

Maybe if we get back to the basics and aren't a society of greed and always wanting more things would be different! We just have way too much in this country! A lot of other nations get by with so much less than what we have and it seems to work! 

Ok...I am done venting! Sorry.....there are just a lot of Americans paying the price for these idiots while they sit in their million dollar offices fly on there 50 million dollar jets and get bonuses more than any of us could fathom.

Have a goodnight!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Has Been Made! YES We Can!!!

Regardless of your political History has been made and I don't think anyone could believe what we all witnessed! What a day for our country, nation and world! I can't even begin to write what I was feeling this morning when I watched the Inauguration! Tears of JOY, HOPE and HAPPINESS are just a few words that come to mind! His speech was absolutely amazing! It is so great to have a leader that is so engaging and charismatic! It is a new day for America and we are faced with so many challenges! I do not envy President Obama but I know he is the right person for the job at the right time! I loved when he said "America is a friend of every Nation and we are ready to LEAD once MORE!" Moving!!!!
I am so proud to be an American today for so many reasons!! History was made today and I was alive to witness it! Unbelievable!!! For me today is the first day of the new YEAR! So Happy New Year and lets work together to bring our Country, The United States of America back to the TOP!!!
YES WE CAN!!!!!!
Congratulations President Obama and Family!
p.s. I am still really curious to see what Michelle Obama is going to wear tonight!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Events!!! I don't really blog too much about my job on my blog but there are a few times a year that I truly look forward to in my job! One of those is the event I am about to show you! Every year I host an event for Wedding and Event Professionals! I love putting it together because I get to design it and showcase the very best in the business in the greater bay area! Not to mention show off the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, Sonoma Golf Club and this year Benziger Family Winery! This year's event was over the top from years past but I really wanted to WOW everyone and I want them to have something fun and exciting to look forward to year after year! I never want it to be the same! So this is fun for me! I get to plan a big event that isn't a wedding and is oh-so-fun! So are some highlights of the event....and photos I will explain each one!

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

The fabulous cake was done by Kelly Zubal of Inticing Creations! She took the beautiful invitation that Amy Hayson of Peculiar Pair Press designed and created this fabulous cake!
The Invitation by Peculiar Pair Press
The Room I designed......The Furniture Rentals were from Hartmann Studios thank you to the oh so talented Amber Solomon at Hartmann!!!
The Fabulous Linens by LaTavola Fine Linen in Napa and the flowers were by Dandelion Floral Art the fabulous Richard and Dena (Dynamic Duo) designed the flowers and they were so pretty. 
Sonoma Golf Club:

Florals by Dandelion Floral Art...Aren't these floral boxes so fun? Rentals by Sheena Minoc at Classic Party Rentals in Napa, California
The Fun Lounge...Everyone Loves a Lounge at there event!!!!
The Lighting was by Twilight Design! Jeff Mills and his team are the best in lighting and so fun and easy to work with!! I love the leafy lanterns around the perimeter of the room! Just adds a little something, something to the room!


Benziger Family Winery
Wine Cave
The Red Carpet to greet everyone into the fabulous cave! The flowers were by Lauren Williams of Fleuressence Floral Design! The cave looked spectacular and was a pleasant surprise to everyone! We put them on a party bus and they had no idea where they were going! It was so fun! I love surprising people!!! We had a fabulous 4 course dinner catered by the wonderful chef's at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa!


The Photobooth at the event!

Kelly Zubal the amazing Cake Designer from Inticing Creations with the Talented Emarie Chervinskas of A Savvy Event.
Amy Thumhart of Thumhart Event Consulting, Jill Hinchman & ME!

What a fun event!!! I just love my job and what I do! I am so lucky! Thank you to everyone that helps make what I do so much fun!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Notes for Weight Loss 2009

Embrace Hunger?
What Am I Hungry For?

Balance....What does Balance mean for me?

Food is filling something that is missing in my life? 
Food is filling that.....

Food is readily available....Quick Fix

Excuses...NO MORE

Make A Plan

Put ME on the Priority List





The Magic is......

This is not another year of broken promises and resolutions! It is a love issue!

My Goal..........Weight......TBD I want to know what the right weight for me is at my age and height. What I want and what my body should be are probably two different things so I am going to pull out my weight watchers information from last year to find out where they say I should be!

I want to lose weight with out spending money on diets! I want to change my lifestyle!

I am dedicated to losing weight without spending money except for on food!!

What do I really want????????? This is going to be a question I will keep asking????? I don't have the answer right now!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


What 2009 may have in store for me...

Embrace who I am.
Be grateful for who I am.
Embrace ME
Be grateful for ME

To find the Joy in Life

And to enjoy this journey.....
What Journey Might you Ask?
For most of my life and childhood weight has been a huge issue for ME!
I wasn't blessed with a fabulous metabolism and the ability to eat whatever I want.
Over the years I have tried every diet known to man except for maybe Jenny Craig and I have had some successes and had some defeats! Weight has been a HUGE struggle in my life and often something I joke about because it is hard and it is something I have never really won the battle against. I feel so fortunate that today I turned on the TV...BAGLE in hand with cream cheese (not lite) and watched my recorded Oprah! It was about her weight issues and her struggles...I couldn't relate more! Since the wedding I have gained back all my weight that I worked so hard (at least in my mind) for 2 years to lose (mind you I went off and on diets in those 2 years) but did manage to lose 27lbs and they are pretty much all back on! I am not happy with how I feel right now and how I look. I know I am not 400lbs but if I don't change my habits and my lifestyle I very well could be and I want to have a baby so that ads on weight!
So this year...I am going to give it my best. Today I am going to commit to this. I know there are going to be struggles, I know I will have good days and bad days but I have to do this for me. I wanted to blog about it so I am held accountable. I have tried so many different things and maybe to have encouragement, support, accountability will make this journey easier.
You may think it is weird that I blog about my weight and maybe even embarrassing but I want to make myself a priority and I want to hold myself accountable!
So...tonight I will have Nick take my photo and attach it to this post and I will try to blog as much as possible about what this journey is doing for me! 
I am going to take time for me too and put myself first because I never take time for ME. I am always doing things for work and everyone else! I am putting myself on my PRIORITY LIST and I am going to plan! Wish me luck! I am a fabulous planner for my brides and friends but I don't plan for me or for Nick and I.  
So I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I am going to do this!!!
Like anything in life change is hard. We all want it and say we can do it but truly I talk about it a lot and don't truly change or I start to and give up! There is a lot I think I am going to learn about myself too along this journey. I am really excited! I tend to be very successful in my professional career but sometimes my personal life suffers.
So here we go....I am jumping in, I have finished that bagel and I am committed to making a difference in my life and ME this year!!

Here we go.........

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A great night with the Pillars

Kelly, Travis & Emily at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn

The Three Amigos at the Fig Cafe in Glen Ellen so good!!!
We even managed to hit Steiner's on the Square! Good Times!
Em & Travis on the Swing outside the Boonfly at The Carneros Inn (Nick's Old Work)

Such a great night together! We had a fun New Year's Eve too but I forgot my camera so I am waiting on MaryJean and Emily for Photos!
Happy New Year's to Everyone!

Kell n Nick
p.s. Nick isn't in the photos because he had to work...however he is off for the next two weeks so I am sure we will do a few fun day trips and short overnights so I will post photos of those!