Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

Dad & I at the
Buckhorn in Winters, California
Happy Father's Day Dad!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
I am so lucky that you are my DAD!
Last night my mom, dad and I met in Winters, California Yes, you heard me correctly WINTERS...there is a town in California named that and they are known for the Buckhorn Restaurant. My very dear friend Emarie her family owns the Buckhorn and it is oh so fabulous!!! We had such a great dinner and such a fun time! It truly is the 1/2 way mark between Yuba City and Sonoma! So if you are ever on the 505 I encourage you to pull of in Winters and try the Buckhorn! You will go back!
Anyway...I just want to tell you Dad how much I love you and how proud I am to be your daughter. You are an amazing person and so strong and so insightful! You always find the good in things and that is amazing to me! You also have a way of calming me down when I get all riled up which we know can happen "sometimes" ha ha. You are an amazing business man and you are so smart!  I have to say that some of my business Savvy has to come from you! You are always encouraging in everything I do even if you don't think it is something worth doing you explain why and back it up with your experience and expertise. Most of the time you are right but sometimes I am right too! HA HA
But Most of All you are my dad and I am thankful for you and to have you in my life!
I don't know what I would do without you!
I hope you have a fabulous day and year and I am so looking forward to September 21st when you get to walk me down the aisle for my wedding!!! I am sure we will both shed some tears!!!
Love you Dadddy aka Daddy "O" (remember that?)
p.s. They are out of the "managers special" 
I am sure that will keep happening!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Emily & Travis Visit Wine Country.....

Ok..So A Few Weeks ago now Emily & Travis came out for a visit!
We had so much fun that it was so hard to decide what pictures to post so there is a lot!
We had such a great day! We went to Kuleto Winery and Estate for a Food and Wine picnic lunch on the rim of the amazing! We spent 5 hours there then we went on to Ceja Vineyards for a tasting and bocce ball in the Vineyards....We topped it off by having a fabulous dinner and one of the WORST bottles of wine I have ever tried! HA HA
The Restaurant was Harvest Moon on the Square in Sonoma! So Fun So Fab..Thank you Em & Trav for a fabulous weekend! Nick and I can't wait for you to move here! We miss you so much!!!

Em Trying to take a photo with the blackberry! A View of the Napa Valley from A Top Kuleto Estate
Travis & Em
Do you LOVE this Rosato? So Yummy! Did you buy a case and Join the Wine Club?? HA HA
Look at That view...That is a boat down there on his Pat Kuleto's Man Made Lake and Lox System! Unbelievable!!! We LOVE Kuleto!!
Nick and Trav enjoying some Vino!! Should this be Table 2?
Kelly Striking a Pose...There's Nothing to it VOGUE...How about Table #1?
Yep...Thats Em on Top of the World....I would Suggest Table #10 for a Perfect 10!
Em...You look Fab!~ 
The Soon to Be DoLaTa's....and the Pillars!! Many more fun trips to come!
Nick examining the grapes!!!
The "perfect kiss" Wait....that isn't Nick? Hmmm Table #13?
Lets Talk Wine, Paul Smith's, and Upstate New York!
I love this photo!!! look so sophisticated!
Em & Trav......Never let Em order Sauvignon Blanc after a full day of drinking!
HA HA...
Can You Say BFF's? Friends for 30 years!!!!!!
Kell & Nick...The Soon to be Do...La...Ta's!
Thank you Em & Trav for a great day!
We Love YA~

Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome Baby Addison!!

I am an Auntie again!
My Sister & Brother In Law Welcomed their new baby boy on Friday!
He is the cutest little boy ever!
We are so excited to meet him!!!
Isn't he so cute!
Karyn, Anson, Ashley & Allison
Congratulations on your little boy....Addison 
He is so precious!
~Aunt Kelly & Uncle Nick~