Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Funny.....

So today I was thinking I wanted to blog but couldn't think of something to blog about! Well low and behold I was blog searching today and came across this article I wrote for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. From time to time my Dir of PR ask me to talk about wedding trends and new things in the wedding industry and she submits them to all different media types. So this is one of my latest articles about Trends in the Wedding industry. I found this on Best Wedding Websites
It was kinda neat to see one of my articles on a popular wedding blog!!!
so Enjoy!!!!

According to Kelly McLeskey of the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa in Sonoma Valley, CA - The white wedding is back, as is vintage (think re-use) and weekend themed events. 
Kelly reveals What's Haute for our readers . . .

White Hot
"Last year a lot of weddings focused on bright robust colors, this year we are seeing more neutral tones with shots of color in flowers, etc. Soft, sheer fabrics and floral prints are (also) back in all shapes and sizes. I think you will see bright and bold in the bridesmaid dresses then hints of those colors through out the wedding but the color won't be the main focus it will accent or compliment the wedding."

Vintage Chic
"The eco-chic bride is incorporating vintage elements and touches into their galas. Vintage Wedding Gowns, Vintage Rings, Vintage Cars, Vintage China & Crystal are the new California rage."

Put it on Paper
"Invitation and wedding stationary is hotter than ever! Lots of brides are putting a lot of time and money into their invitations...creating a monogram, a logo, a motif for their wedding that is carried through out the entire wedding. This original design work in being incorporated into the wedding cake, menus, escort cards, and welcome letters."

Make it Last
"The WEEKEND WEDDING is definitely growing in popularity. Today's fashionable bride is planning an entire weekend of (themed) planned activities- not just the wedding ceremony, but 2-3 days of events where every guest is included. For example I recently planned a weekend wedding that included a Thursday (evening) welcome reception, Friday golf for the guys and Spa Day for the girls with lunch, Friday night the entire party was invited to the rehearsal dinner, Saturday wedding, and (morning after) Sunday brunch send off. Weddings are smaller and more intimate too, 125 guests or less."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Tea Time~

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
Today I took my mom to LoveJoys TeaRoom in Noe Valley a neighborhood in San Francisco!
It was so much fun! We had High Tea at the tea room and the best little tea sandwiches, scones and crumpets! It was so fun and so delish!  The last picture is a view of San Francisco from the hill by the tea room!
It was the perfect day for the perfect mom!
Mom...I love you so much and I am so grateful for all you do!
Thank you for your love and support and always being there for me!
Here are my top 10 Memories of things we have done together.
1. Your trip to NYC for Mother's Day Weekend in 2005
2. Our Bus Ride up to Hearst Castle when you were so scared and I (an eight year old) told you everything was going to be ok.
3. The morning of dad's surprise 40th birthday party when you and I were in the kitchen singing the pointer sisters I am so excited and I just can't hide it I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!
4. Our annual trips to  SF for Holiday Shopping & the Nutcracker Ballet
5. Our First Camping Trip to Little Grass Valley Lake and dad pitched our tent on a rock and we couldn't figure out why it was so uncomfortable until we took our tent down and there was a big rock underneath it.
6. My high school grad night we had so much fun hanging out together and remember that crazy ride we rode together! Something so silly but so fun! To think that I was 18 years old and had so much fun with my mom on Grad Night!!!
7. I know I have mentioned Christmas things twice now but I also remember we would go to the Sunrise Mall when I was little and you would take me to see the talking Christmas Tree! I would look so forward to going to see the Tree! Most kids are excited to see Santa....I wanted to see the talking Christmas tree.
8. Which now leads me to our holiday baking! I loved making christmas cookies!! Frosting the cookies had to be my favorite and you would get so mad at me when I would stick my fingers in the mixer to eat the dough. I just loved eating as we went! STILL DO!!!
9. I remember when you got your Mazda 929 and we were so excited because it had a sunroof and we couldn't wait to go up to Tahoe and drive it up there with the sunroof open listening to Basia! Remember that??
10. And my fondest memory...is that every night you would tuck me into bed, say my prayers and tell me how much you loved me! Not a single night went by that I didn't have  my mom there to tuck me in. 

I love you mom...these are just a few of the many memories we have together and there will be so many more to come!
Happy Mother's Day to you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Fun Afternoon in Tiburon

Yesterday Kim and I went down to Tiburon for the afternoon and had such a great time.
We went to Sam's and had an early dinner and enjoyed the views and the sail boats.
It was such a great afternoon the weather was just perfect. Sam's is a Hot Spot on Sunday's in Tiburon so if you are ever in the area you should stop on by!
There are also some really cute stores too! Citrus should not be missed! I fell in love with everything in the store!
All in All it was a great way to spend my Sunday!
Have a great week!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Sister!!!

Happy Birthday Sister!
I call her Twinkle Toes!
I can't believe you are 30!
Where does the time go?
You are such an amazing person!
You have 2 beautiful children, a wonderful husband and our first baby boy on his way!
I am so proud of you and who you are! I love you so much and am so happy we are sisters!
I hope you have an amazing birthday and I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!
Have a fabulous day and a wonderful year!
I love you!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Fun Weekend In Colorado...

Kelly & Taralyn
Nick, Presley & Kell~

Gutowski, Nick and Candace...Our Favorite Ritz-Carlton Friends! 
Gutowski, Lloyd & Nick...in the Kitchen at The Ritz Denver..
And...Our Newest Addition....
A Kitty!!!!!
isn't she the cutest cat! We are trying her out! She is 7 weeks old and I just love her however Truffles isn't liking her so much! If it doesn't work out we are giving her to our good friend Kim!!! But I love her already! I call her Sissy!