Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bee Gees - More Than A Woman

This is the dance they did! It was so great!!!

Wonderbread 5

Ok So last night my wedding had Wonderbread 5 play. I have to say they are one of the best bands ever! The wedding had to be the most fun out of all of the weddings I have done because the band gets everyone so involved! They are incredible. I highly recommend them for your wedding. For my bride and grooms first dance they did the "more than a woman dance" from Saturday Night Fever...It was great they learned the entire dance and even changed their outfits! It was so much fun. As soon as they post the video on YouTube I will post on here!
Anyway.....If you have ever the chance to see Wonderbread 5 play do it...they are so great.
Not to mention the band is so nice! They were one of the easiest bands I have ever worked with!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Accountability Monday's...from this day forward....

Good Morning Everyone....
I bet you are wondering why there are pictures of Nick & I like this on the blog?
Well it isn't because we are pregnant! We are on a Diet...Actually I am but Nick is so sweet that he is doing it with me. As some of you may or may not know I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. I think I have tried every diet known to man. They probably all work however after a few months 5 has been the longest I just give up!
So I am giving it ago. Last year Nick and I spent a little over $1000 to be in weight watchers and it worked! I truly believe weight watchers is the best. So we are going to give it a shot again!
My goals is between 40-50lbs. I have decided that Mondays (weigh in day at our house) is going to be my accountability day. I figure if I have to post my picture each week and share this journey with all of you in BLOG land...than maybe I will stick with it and have some great encouragement along the way. So today marks day 1...I am sure the pictures are going to look the same for awhile but my goal is that they are going to start looking better and slimmer!
This is hard for me I am not going to lie...but maybe blogging about it will help me!
So.....Enjoy my journey and THANK YOU NICK for doing this with me and encouraging me! Without Nick I would probably do a lot of cheating! :) :)
He keeps me going!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Grandma & Me~"PALS"

My Sister sent me this photo today of my Grandma & me when I was little! How Happy Was I to be with My Grammy!
I thought it was so cute! I miss my grandma so much! There really isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her!
I really loved my grandma's smile too! She was such a special person!!!
I love you grandma and miss you every day!
Love your Pal!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Uh-Oh...Someone Likes The Back Patio....and the Garden....I wonder who that might be?

Lexie in the Tomatoes...She now loves tomatoes!
Lexie Scratching on the Patio! Truffles loves to do this too~
Lexie Checking out the Yellow Squash...She Likes this...I think Nick & Kelly Might be in Trouble! Uh-Oh....She loves playing in the garden with her BFF truffles!
Lexie & Truffles Eating Dinner after a work out in the garden!
Told you they were Best Friends! Mom is going to have to get a new cat!
Loves From Cat Land Sonoma!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Napa County Fair

Yummm...Candy Station at The Fair
Nick & His Friend Jamie going down the super slide
They had fun!!!!
All the Yummy Fair Food...Corndogs, Grilled Corn and Funnel Cakes Oh My!

Kelly & Nick with I think Elmo???
Kelly & Leslie striking our poses! Les is behind me!
Kelly & Leslie on the fun ride that hangs upside down!!!!!! We had fun! Jamie & Nick were scared!
Nick & Jamie waiting for us! They were scared after the Zipper! They hated the ride.
Doesn't Jamie look cute with Leslie's Purse???
We had a great time at the Fair!!!
All I wanted to do this summer is go to a fair and we did!
We had Funnel Cake, Corndogs and Curly Fries! Oh...And Corn On the Cob!
Nothing Like a Great American Carnival/Fair!
Until Next Year....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Miss Lexie & Her Piece of Paper

Well This is Miss Lexie and her piece of paper.
It was so cute the other day she came down
the stairs with this piece of paper in her mouth.
She looked like a dog. She had a lot of fun for about
20 minutes with this piece of paper!
Truffles and her are BFF's and I don't know
what Truffles is going to do when she leaves!
They have so much fun playing together!!!
~Love the Cat Sitters~

Friday, August 10, 2007

More Cats.....They are Really Cute Together.....

Ok...So these Cats are Just too Cute Together!
I really haven't turned into one of those crazy cat people...
but this is the first time my mom has left Lexie and wanted to make
sure we have lots of photos so she doesn't miss her too much!
So this is what I came home to today. The two cats hanging out with the
scratching post! They really are cute together!
I think they actually like each other!!!
I have been trying to get a cute video to post but nothing post worthy yet.
Well....Until Next Time....
From Cat Land

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Miss Lexie & Truffles are Adjusting

Miss Lexie Sleeping in Her Favorite Spot

Now Miss Lexie is eating Truffles Food and Truffles is Watching her!!!
I think Truffles sees me eating her food Uh-Oh
Well Well Well...The cats are doing good! They are now roaming
the house together and seem to be doing OK. Miss Lexie Loves
to chase Truffles and Truffles still doesn't know if she likes
Sharing her house...however she seems to be dealing with it.
They hiss every now and again at each other but
Miss Lexie Sure wants Truffles to be her friend she follows her
everywhere! I think she thinks Truffles is her mom! HE HE HE
It has been fun so far! I think they are going to be just fine!
Oh....Miss Lexie Loves the Scratching Post...poor thing can't scratch though
because her claws are gone but she still has fun with it!
Well I will keep posting cute Cat Photos!
Love the Cat Sitters!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Miss Lexie has come to visit!!!

Well...Miss Lexie is here to visit her cousin Truffles.
My Mom is leaving to go visit my sister and her family so we are cat sitting
Here are a few photos of Lexie & Truffles first meeting! They aren't too sure of each other quite yet. I will keep posting updates as the next 10 days go by.
These are for you too MOM!!!
Have fun! I am sure we are going to have fun!!

Truffles Eating Miss Lexie's Food! BAD CATS!
Miss Lexie watching Truffles eating her food!!! She doesn't like this!
BUSTED! Meow~~~
Truffles talking to Miss Lexie! I don't think Truffles is liking this right now!
Miss Lexie...I am going to check out your cute pink purse! HMMMM
Stay Tuned for the Rest of The Story......
Happy Days from Cat Land!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I am on a blogging roll......

Hello Friends.....
Well I had some free time on my hands this evening
and I have posted about 4 Post...
So enjoy the photos and the posts!
Happy Blogging!

~Kelly & Nick's Wall of Mirrors~

Ok...So this is our "wall of mirrors"
It isn't quite done yet.
We are getting a buffet to go underneath this and then I have
pewter candle sticks with black candles that will
sit on top with a few knick-knacks...
I can't wait till it is done! :)

~Invitation & Card Making Class~

Here are some of my creations today!
Today my friend Michele and I went to Berkeley and
took a card making/invitations class.
We had so much fun! I felt like a kid in a candy store!
I love creating things and here are just a few.
I actually made all of my Thank You note cards from the engagement party.
I should have thought to take pictures of them
before I sealed the envelopes! DARN! They are all so cute and each one is
different. I love them. I have an addiction with making things lately!
I actually just did a mirror wall in my house! I will take a picture of that too and post it!
Ok...I am getting crafty! It is fun! I need a little something to do as a hobby right?
Happy Craft Day!


Nick, Nick's Mom & My Mom
Auntie Madge, ME & Uncle Gary
Bo & Kristin
Gary & Melissa
Dad & Cassidy....I think they are both sleeping! :) :)
What a great weekend. Our Families threw us a really nice
Engagement Party. My mom & aunt worked for 3 days getting the house ready, cooking and decorating. The hors d'oeuvres they made were to die for!!!It was so nice!
Nick and I could not have asked for a nicer party.
My dad helped out with all the meat and shrimp for dinner and it was sure yummy.
Thank you Mom, Auntie Madge for all your hard work.
Thank you dad for a great dinner and thank you Aurie & Larry for flying all the way out from Grand Island, New York!
We love you All

Mom & Larry Come to Visit....

Larry & Mom at Bouchaine Vineyards...Our First Stop of the Day!
Larry & Mom at Pine Ridge...Some really great Red Wines!!!
Kelly & Aurie at PlumpJack Winery!
Larry, Aurie, Kelly & Jaimi at PlumpJack
Larry & Nick enjoying a great BBQ dinner In our Backyard!
What a great visit we had with Nick's Mom Aurie and Larry.
It was so great!
They came out for the Engagement Party.
Jaimi & I took Aurie and Larry Wine Tasting on Friday & then
on Saturday we went up to YC for our Engagement Party at my Mom's
We had a great week!
Thank you for coming out Aurie and Larry!!!
We love you.