Tuesday, May 29, 2007

~ I Love These Girls~

Kelly & The Spangler Girls
Coco & Ava
Coco & Ava Too Cute
The 3 Amigas!

Today was such a great day! I got to go hang out with
Coco & Ava and their mom Kathi!
We had such an Awesome Visit!
It was short but sweet and meant so much to Nick and I
To see them! I use to watch Coco & Ava 1-2 nights a week
We had the best time together! They are two very special girls
and they made leaving Vail/Beaver Creek hard! I miss them so much!!!
It was so great to spend time with them and see how much they are
growing up! Coco has her own horse now and is going to her first
horse show this weekend in Carbondale! I am so proud of her!!
Ava is very involved in her Karate and won second place and a trophy
at her first karate meet! Kathi there mom is as beautiful as ever
and is truly a remarkable woman! She is amazing! I love her to death too!
It was just a great day! I can't wait to come back and See Ava, Coco and Kathi again soon!
They might even come to California to visit Nick and I!!! PLEASE COME
We would love to have you!!!
p.s. I even braided the girls hair like I did when I would come over
Both Coco & Ava love French Braids!!


Kelly & Nick's Trip To Beaver Creek, Co
~May 2007~
Jillian, Nick and Ahti Good Friends Good Times
Kelly & Renee aka Shnitzy!
Jaimi, Dave & Nick....Dave is in the wedding!
The Shnitz and Nick!!
Nick standing by our Rental Car with Hail On Top Huge Hail Storm!!

Brian & Shelly aka Smat

So Nick and I have had another fabulous trip to Beaver Creek!
We just love it here so much! It is so great to come back and visit!
We have had such a great time visiting with our friends and planning
Our Wedding! We accomplished a lot!!! We have a ceremony, reception,
flowers, pastor, music and hotel rooms for our guest! Whoo Hoo
We are getting so excited!!!
I have started a wedding blog for Nick and I so you can follow the wedding plans
So Feel Free to Check it out!
I love this blogging and thought it would be fun to blog about the wedding
plans!!! So Enjoy!!
We leave tomorrow! It will be sad to go but it was such a great
visit!!! We love this area so much! It holds a dear place in our
hearts!!! We can't wait to share it with you!
Loves K&N

Monday, May 21, 2007

One Week From Today!!!!

One week from today Nick and I will be in Beaver Creek/Vail, Colorado! We can't wait! We are flying out next Sunday and will drive up on Monday morning. We are going to secure our wedding site and our vendors! I know this may seem early but the HEART of wedding season has begun and it is either now or take a chance that we won't get the vendors or site we want!
We are so excited to go back and see friends and see the place we called home for 5 1/2 years!!
It will be great because summer is my most favorite time there!! I wish we could go rafting but we don't have a lot of time with all our appointments!
I will make sure we post photos from our trip!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back to Work......:(

Well after 4 days off and a nice visit to YC I am back to work :(
Sometimes it is just so nice not to have to go to work. :)
I had such a great 4 days with my mom & dad. My mom had foot surgery on Friday so I went up to YC to help her out! She sure is a trooper and she sure is doing a great job!
We had a really nice visit!!!
I also while I was home went to Amy & Matt's wedding! It was so nice to be apart of their special day. Once I get everything in order and unpacked I have a few pictures I can post! :) :)
Anyway...it was the nicest wedding ceremony and reception! I am so happy for both of them!!
I also spent some time with Jen & Allie! That was fun! I helped Jen make her blog! FINALLY! :) :)
Please go visit her blog it is quite cute www.djtraynham.blogspot.com
And then I hung out with my good friend Jeremy! He bought a house a few months back and has been remodeling it! It is coming along so nicely! I told Jeremy when I buy my house he has to help me! He has great style!!!
Well....it was a great 4 days and now I am back to work! Yipeee Aye Eh.....
It is going to be a long day!!!

Talk soon~

Monday, May 14, 2007

Meet My New Cousin Cassidy Elizabeth Ghiggeri

This is my new cousin Cassidy Elizabeth Ghiggeri. She was born on May 11th at 6:01pm. Next to Cassidy is Dominic!
They are about 2 1/2 weeks apart!
Congratulations Gary & Melissa! Nick and I are so excited for you. We can't wait to see her!
Love you!!!
XOXOXOXO Kelly & Nick

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy "2" Week Birthday Dom!!!

Hello! So today my new cousin Dominic is 2 Weeks old!
I can't believe it has already been two weeks! WOW time flies! So Dominic is wearing the cute outfit I got him! Isn't he adorable!!! I can't wait to see him in real life! So I just had to share this cute picture with everyone!!! I believe that is my Aunt Madge holding him!!!! :) :)
Your cousin Kelly loves you Dom!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

~Another Fabulous Wedding This Past Weekend~

Good Evening...Sorry it has taken so long to post these photos but as I said in a prior post I left my camera at my mom's about 3 weeks ago and I have been camera-less for awhile so I have to depend on others for their photos. So THANK YOU Jubilee for the photos! This past weekend was another great wedding! I had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business! Jubilee Lau of Jubilee Lau Events was the wedding coordinator and she is absolutely FABULOUS! Please check out her website! and Nancy Liu Chin Flowers at & her husband Kevin Chin was the Photographer.
This wedding was simply beautiful. All the small details really added to the event.
It was such a pleasure working with Matt & Mariko as well as Jubilee for the last 6 months.
I hope you enjoy the photos I have posted! Also...please tell me what types of photos you enjoy looking at of my weddings! I will keep them coming! Also.....on that note..STAY TUNED because I am getting to LAUNCH my own Wedding Website with tid bits from my weddings as well as ideas I like for my own wedding! I am really excited about it and I will have a major post on this blog to let you all know! I really want to try to keep this blog for friends and family and what is going on with Nick and I!!!
I hope you all are doing great!
Loves to all...Kell~

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Sister....Forever 29!!!

So today is "TWINKLE TOES" my sister's Birthday!!! She is 29 today! I wish I could say I remember when she was born but I really don't I was only 2 and I can't quite remember that day! But I am so thankful that my mom & dad gave me such a wonderful sister! We definitely have had our moments over the years...but I have to say that we have become great friends and she is a wonderful mother and I love my sister to death! Today is her day and I celebrate HER!!!
Here are 10 things about my sister!!!
1. She is two years younger than me
2. Her nickname in school was "BULLDOZER" because she wasn't afraid of anything when she played soccer.
3. When she was 6 she had plastic surgery on her lip and I was so scared that day at school because surgery for me at 8 was a scary thing so I remember it was a thursday and i was in music class and started crying because I was scared for her! I don't think she ever knew this either!
4. She had the cutest chubby cheeks as a child and for that we all called her CHEEKERS!
5. She is very creative and an example of this is her Tee's for Mommy's and Kids http://www.tinytottees.blogspot.com
6. She was always better at sports and ballet than me...I always strived to be as good as her. She probably never knew this either!
7. She has lived in 3 states
8. She hated babysitting and is probably the best mother ever
9. She drove my grandma's car home one night and I thought someone stole it! (HE HE) I had to add this one!!!
10. SHE LOVES MEXICAN FOOD!!! I think if she were stranded on an island if she had mexican everything would be just fine...
and #11 even though I said 10...She is the best sister ever and I love her to pieces! I am so proud of the person she is and the person she has become! Karyn...Now you just celebrate anniversaries of your 29th birthday! No more birthdays!! HA HA HA...Love you to pieces.....
Have a great day and a fabulous year!
Also...today is my friend Viktoria Doma's Birthday! Happy Birthday Vik....I love and miss ya! See you at Thanksgiving!