Tuesday, November 27, 2007




I have been able to spend the last 4 days with Nick!

This is a rare occasion that we both have this much time together!

We have seriously enjoyed every day! We have been on bike rides together, walks and just some good quality time together. It is going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow!

I am very thankful that I have had this time with Nick....we seem to always have so much going on in our lives with our jobs that it is just nice to take time to "smell the flowers" and enjoy each others company!!!

P.S the Ranunculus are growing in our garden! They are so beautiful!

You would think it was SPRING!
Sort of feels that way today 70 degrees! :)

What Makes You Happy?

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Sneak Peak....of What is to Come.....

My Office/Craft Studio....
Just a little Teaser.....
Can't wait to post the end result

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend~

The Gang....Mom & Dad came over to spend Thanksgiving with us and Kim came over from San Rafael. We had such a great night. It was a small group but a fun group! Thanks for sharing Thanksgiving with us!!! XOXO
I love my leaf plates

Our Thanksgiving Table....
Nick Carving our Turkey!!!

I love this picture of Kim & I It is our shadows on the vineyards! Fun Fun!
Kim & I went on a Great Bike Ride Thanksgiving Day!!! It was so fun to be outside on such a pretty day.

~Kelly...Biking Through the Vineyards at Gundlach Bunschu~
Kelly & Kim...We made it to the top of the hill!!!
Can you even believe it is 73 degrees and Thanksgiving Day!
I Hope All of you had a Great Thanksgiving day!
It is almost XMAS....
We are decorating today!!
Nick is off for the next 10 days so we are decorating for XMAS
and then finishing my office/Craft Studio! Can't wait till it is done!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Favorite Day of the Year for TV

Most People there favorite day to watch TV is the Oscars, the Superbowl, the final rose ceremony on the bachelor(that does rate pretty close) or the Sound of Music when it airs on TV but my favorite day for TV is OPRAH'S Favorite Things! Every year I can't wait to tune into the episode of Oprah to see what her favorite things are and what will become my favorite things! So if you missed today's episode....Enjoy.....

Here is this years Oprah's Favorite Things List!!!!!!
With my Side Comments........
Please note that after today most these things will probably be on Back order since Oprah makes everything Famous........
1. Samsung High Definition Video Camera
3.TOYWATCH WATCHES I love the ALL white one! These are so cute and would look great with any wardrobe!
4. PERFECT ENDINGS CUPCAKES FROM WILLIAMS-SONOMA-These just so happen come from Napa....Perfect Endings is a bakery in Napa.....they do a lot of amazing wedding cakes! They are beautiful. Sam Godfrey's work is amazing.
5. MELAMINE BOWLS, MEASURING CUPS AND SPOONS FROM WILLIAMS-SONOMA Ok...I love these! I have registered for them on our wedding registry! I think these are just fabulous! The green is super pretty!!! Put these on your XMAS list!
6. THE ARTISAN® STAND MIXER FROM KITCHENAID HOME APPLIANCES-Another thing on our registry!!! Everyone should have this mixer! I love the stainless steal one! The colors are fun too! I tend to be a little conservative on appliances because I tend to get sick of color after awhile!
7.THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S PLANET EARTH DVD SET- I don't know much about this yet...Maybe I will have to check it out! Hmmmmmmmm
8.KAI BODY BUTTER and BODY BUFFER-I am a sucker for lotion and bath products so I think this is something I am going to have to try!!! Especially if it smells good! YUM YUM!
9. CLARISONIC SKIN CARE SYSTEM-This face cleaning system looks great! I don't know if I would spend $190 on something to wash my face but if I won the lottery it might be on my list of things I would want to buy! :) :)
10. CLAUS PORTO SOAPS FROM LAFCO NEW YORK-Now these Portugal soaps are amazing. When I worked at Decor & Design about 8-9 years ago we use to sell these and they truly are amazing and what a great idea for a hostess gift! Hmmmmm I think I might have to get my hands on some of these!
11. THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH BY KEN FOLLETT-I don't know much about this book yet....but if Oprah likes it, it must be good! I don't usually have a lot of time to read, but now that wedding season is over for a few months maybe this will be a nice book to read.....
12. BREVILLE IKON PANINI PRESS FROM WILLIAMS-SONOMA-This is also on our registry. Oprah and I think alike! HA HA...Just wish she would let me plan a party or event for her...SOME DAY!!! Anyway....I love sandwiches so this would be just the perfect addition to our little kitchen of gadgets!
13. HDTV REFRIGERATOR WITH WEATHER AND INFO CENTER FROM LG ELECTRONICS-Ok...now somethings are just OVER the top....and this would be one of them...granted I think this fridge is amazing...but practical...hmmm not so much....I think just a regular fridge would be just fine.....I find it hard to think that having a TV on your fridge is practical...but then again even if I did win the lottery this isn't something I would buy....it is nice she gave them to the audience...because that is the only way I would have one! :) :) The basics are ok for me!!!
14. CIAO BELLA BLOOD ORANGE SORBETTO-Now this sounds YUMMY! I love Blood Oranges so I can only imagine sorbetto! Yummy......Ciao bella is the best!
15. RACHEL PALLY SWING TURTLENECK AND SAILOR PANTS-Not sure if I love these either...they sort of remind me of Multiples...remember those in the 80's you could buy all the different parts and wear them different ways....they were really soft and comfy...anyway..they are ok but a little too matronly for me!
16. SCRABBLE PREMIER EDITION FROM HASBRO-This is a nice looking board game...don't know if I would play it all that much but it is pretty to look at!
17. UNITED ARTISTS 90TH ANNIVERSARY PRESTIGE COLLECTION-This is a neat gift for that person that loves movies! I know Emily would love this gift. If I had an extra $800 I would buy this for her because I know she would just love it!!! It is the thought that counts if you are reading Em....:) :)
18. SHAKLEE GET CLEAN™ STARTER KIT-Ok...do I think this is great, Yes....do I think GREEN is the new over used BUZZ word in 07 yes.........It is a marketers green...be able to say you are GREEN and Jack up the price.....Yes, I do think we have to be careful and take care of our earth but this is going over the top lately with GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN.....you can go to a website can't remember it right off the top of my head and make natural products that don't cost $89 a bottle......the fact is, is that as long as there are humans on earth we are going to impact the earth and nothing is truly green....just do your part to not consume so much!!!!!! Just think....if we quit using gas....I bet the price would go down...but we depend on it so much that it just keeps going up, up, up and the more we consume the higher it will go! Ok...enough on the environment! I try to do my part!
19. O'S GUIDE TO LIFE-I would like to know what Oprah's Guide to Life is...she may be the only person that has a guide to life out there....Life in Oprah's Eyes...I would like to get my hand on this book......because God Knows....In Life no one really teaches you how to live life...we all just learn for ourselves! Can't wait to see what Oprah says....! :) :)

AND LAST but definitely not LEAST:
20. JOSH GROBAN'S NOEL CD-Nick & I Love Josh Groban...his voice is amazing! I am going to run out and get this CD! It will be amazing!!!

Ok...so that is the list for this year...it was good...However I think I like years past better....can't wait to see what next year will bring!

Happy Holidays to All.....Have a great Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My New Toy!!!!

So this is my new toy! I just love it! After watching Oprah about a week ago I had mentioned that I wanted a FLIP....
So in the mail on our anniversary a box came from the FLIP Video!
I am so excited. I wish I had kids to film but that will come in time so for now you may start to see a lot of videos of my cat! :)
Actually it will be great for my weddings!!! I can post some of the weddings on here with my FLIP! It is the easiest thing to use too! You don't even have to read the instructions! SO FUN.
I think everyone that has children should have one of these! Best Invention!
Anyway...Thanks My Love for My Flip! I love it and you even more!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary My Love.......

Happy Anniversary My Love!
I can't believe it has been 3 years! Where does the time go. I am such a lucky girl to have found someone to share my life with that is loving, caring, considerate, giving and my best friend in the whole wide world! I am can't believe in less than one year we will be married and going to spend the rest of our lives together. I couldn't imagine my life with out you sweets!!
Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. My love for you grows every day. Happy Anniversary My Love! I can't wait for you to get home! XOXO Travel Safely......

Saturday, November 10, 2007


These are a Few of Her Favorite Things.........

Ashley Loves Hannah Montana........

Ashley loves to read! She Loves Nancy Drew!
Ashley Loves Horses!!!

I love Ashley!!!
Ashley Happy 8th Birthday!
Sorry this is a day late....
I hope you had the best birthday.
I made this birthday collage for you. So Click on the
collage to see the pictures bigger...But these photos remind me of you!
You are Full of Spunk...As Your Mom says A Firecracker...You have a big heart....You love your sister and your family! And you are a great reader! I love you Ashley and I love celebrating your favorite day of the year! Happy Birthday!!!
I love you!
Aunt Kelly~
p.s. Karyn...where does the time go? Can you believe it has been 8 years? Wow...
What a great 8 years! Loves XO

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guess Who is Back?????

MISS LEXIE IS BACK!!! Mom...These are for you!

She is getting very big!!

She Likes Truffles New Found Toy....This was a bag we got a bottle of wine in....Now it is Truffles Toy..aka Lexie's Toy!

Lexie and I. Playing together!!

Truffles and Miss Lexie....Doesn't this remind you of a High School Dance? Boys on one side...Girls on the other....So graciously posed!

Lexie playing with my camera cord!! TOO CUTE!

Well we have 6 more days till mom gets back from Karyn's! I am sure I will have some fun cat stories and photos to share.........Lexie misses you mom!
Love you!!! Kell~

Friday, November 2, 2007

Nick's New Toy....

Well After 3 Full Days of Looking at Cars and about 100 hours of research on the Internet. We finally purchased a car. We bought a 2007 Honda Accord! We love it. I found out in this process that I am quite the negotiator and I love the negotiating process of buying a car and getting what I want. I don't like looking at cars and driving them it gets really boring but I love the negotiations. Nick couldn't believe how good I was!!! Anyway... Nick loves his new car and it is a good reliable car and it gets great gas mileage. KEY IN THIS DAY AND AGE. I am also glad we bought a Honda because for the last 4 years they have been voted the #1 GREEN Automobile Company!!! So I feel as though we are doing something good for our environment by buying a car from a GREEN company!! Happy Driving...K&N
p.s. Ours is dark grey!
p.s.s. Stay Tuned for DOLATA2 License Plates...the Beamer has DOLATA1
I will take photos of them side by side when the license plate gets here!!!