Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 Years Ago Today

Gladyce Irene Breedlove

5 years ago today my grandmother passed away. She is now in heaven and I know she is my guardian angel! My grandma and I were very close! I consider her my best friend! She was always there for me no matter what! We had so many great memories!
These are the top 10 wonderful memories with my grandma:
1. Late night uno/rummy matches
2. Watching Dallas & Falcon Crest on Friday Nights
3. Minestrone Soup at the Uriz on the wrong side of the tracks
4. Summers up at Lake Francis
5. Denio's Flea Market
6. Our cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada for my 13th Birthday
7. She taught me how to drive when I turned 13
8. Grandparents Day at Lincrest School. I was so proud to bring her to school with me
9. My grandma got bit by a duck when I was about 2 years old when she took me to feed the ducks
10. The unconditional love she gave!

Grandma ...I love you and Miss you! Though you are not here in person you will always remain in my heart and my life in spirit! I LOVE YOU GRAND!!!!

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the yaney's said...

Your Grandma was a sweet lady I remember going to visit her often with Karyn when she lived at Summerfield.

P.S. you have me dying to know what your big surprise is...guess i will have to check in after Christmas :)